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Meeting place

The ESOP2008 - Conference will take place in the planetarium of the observatory Drebach on Saturday, August 30, 2008, and on Sunday, August 31, 2008.

Volkssternwarte und Zeiss-Planetarium Drebach
Straße der Jugend 14
09430 Drebach

Telefon: 0049 / (0)37341 / 7435


We possess a projector for our planetrium with the name ZKP-3 of the company Carl Zeiss Jena in an 11m-dome for few years. An extensive multimedia auxiliary technology was added. To emphasize a allsky-projection is apart from the panorama, in addition, a digital picture and audio engineering are available. They can use this technology in their whole width for the conference. Beamer, computer connection and software, e.g. power POINT are available.

On both days we will organize the coffee tracing with coffee, tea and pastry and/or cake. Further refreshment beverages are ready placed. To the lunch we go together to a 5 min distant restaurant. For the covering of the expenses we ask for a conference contribution.

How to get there

with the airplane

airport Dresden : ca. 80 km
airport Leipzig-Halle : ca. 85 km
airport Altenburg : ca. 70 km

with the train

train line Chemnitz-Bärenstein (Weipert): to stop Scharfenstein and go on Buslinie 232 to Drebach (only on workdays).

with your car

You can attain the observatory Drebach over the motorway A4, departure Chemnitz north, or over the A72, departure Chemnitz south. Subsequently, on the federal highway B95 of far until Ehrenfriedersdorf. There the branch is after Drebach. Afterwards is there still approximately 3 km up to the observatory, which is in local center.

  Road map of the motorway A4 / A72 to the observatory show with Google Maps .

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