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Hotel Waldmühle

For accomodation we choose the Hotel Waldmühle in the beautiful Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge). For the ESOP 2008 we could agree with the owner of the hotel on a special price . The rate decreases with a longer stay and includes half-board and other amenities. The hotel is in a delightful forest environment. Near the hotel is a hot spring called “Silber-Therme Warmbad”.

The Hotel Waldmühle is approximatevly 7 km from the observatory Drebach. You drive the federal highway B 101 approximately 1.3 km toward Annaberg-Buchholz to the right branch on the statestreet S 230 after Drebach. On this road leading by the Heidelbachtal you stay for about 3.6 km. At the end of the road you are in Drebach. You turn left upward to the village and drive on the main village road approximately 1.5 km up to the “Edeka” market to the right. There you turn right and follow the sign-posting to the observatory Drebach.

  Road map of the hotel to the observatory show with Google Maps .


In the room rate the following amenities are included:

  • All rooms inclusive half-board.
  • Half-board contains breakfast and 3 course menu for dinner.
  • On Saturday, 30.August 2008, a reception with a 5 course menu inclusive a 1/2 bottle red wine or white wine.
  • All rooms are equipped with WC, shower and telephone. Elevator is in the hotel.
  • Parking lots are sufficiently present.

Room rates

kind of room pro person
5 nights
pro person
4 nights
pro person
3 nights
pro person
2 nights
  27 double room / two-bed room
223,00 Euro
197,50 Euro
169,00 Euro
135,00 Euro
  1 three-bed room
223,00 Euro
197,50 Euro
169,00 Euro
135,00 Euro
  1 single room or single allocation
275,50 Euro
241,50 Euro
203,50 Euro
160,00 Euro

After registration the costs of the overnight accomodation are to be paid in advance. We send after your registration an Email to you with the bank account number. You do not need to register in the hotel personally. We take over this service for you.

How to get there

With the car/bus you drive from the motorway A4/A72 from Chemnitz on the federal route B 174 over Zschopau toward Marienberg up to the crossing Heinzebank. In the Heinzebank on the intersection of federal road B 174 with B 101 you turn right toward Annaberg-Buchholz on B 101. After 0,5 km you pass the village Hilmersdorf and afterwards the village Geringswalder. Remain after the local exit still for approximately 1.5 km on B 101. Then you find the hotel Waldmühle right at the forest.

If you come from Czech Republic, use the border crossing Reitzenhain/Marienberg and drive approximately 17 km on the federal route B 174 passing Marienberg toward Chemnitz. Since November 2007 you can remain on the federal highway passing by Marienberg up to the intersection Heinzebank. Afterwards continue as described above.

  Road map to the hotel Waldmühle show with Google Maps .

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